Repair of pipelines under pressure

Repair of pipelines under pressure

Nizhnevartovsk. Samotlorneftegaz JSC, a subsidiary of the Rosneft oil company.

Objective: repair of pipelines under pressure without stopping the transport of the product due to the replacement of defective areas, repair or installation of stop valves, tie-in jumpers and other types of work without interrupting the delivery of the product.

It was decided that, with the exception of stopping a significant number of wells at the Samotlor field, to replace the worn area, to reduce losses in terms of oil production and the cost of attracting additional equipment and personnel.

During the repair work, a reliable hermetic covering of the defective area was ensured. At the same time, transportation of the produced oil and gas-containing liquid continued along the bypass line, bypassing the section under repair. A flexible pipeline systemwas used as a bypass.

The collapsible pipeline of a new generation in length exceeded more than 6000 km. The operating temperature range was from –60 to + 80 ° С. When replacing repair areas, more modern pipelines are installed - with internal and reinforced external protective coating. In 2016, the Company replaced more than 142 km of pipelines.

Recall flexible pipeline system have high chemical resistance, work without leakage, are mobile in operation. Releasing the defective area, it is possible to safely and quickly begin repair work. They are carried out without stopping the existing fund and any environmental consequences for the flora.

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