Gas piplines repair

As a result of the field and route tests, the technology of installing mobile pipeline systems as bypass lines when replacing gas pipelines was tested.

Objective: to cope with the aging of the gas pipeline system to ensure a qualitatively new level of maintenance of repairs, which will restore the technical parameters of pipelines with a guarantee of long-term maintenance of the operating characteristics of gas transportation facilities.

The technology of replacing the gas pipeline with reduced pressure made it possible to replace defective sections, repair or install valves, insert jumpers and other types of work without interrupting the delivery of the product


  • There is no need to turn off consumers, and accordingly incur loss of income.

  • Environmental friendliness - during coagulation a system was provided for cleaning the pipe from residues of the product.

Thanks to the flexible pipeline system, specialists are able to carry out repairs on gas pipelines with reduced pressure in a shorter time, reduce losses in terms of product volume, reduce costs for attracting equipment and personnel, and also eliminate environmental pollution.

For deployment of flexible pipeline system, preliminary preparation of the route in full is not required. In particular, there is no need for earthworks, welding and construction and installation works. The operating temperature range is from -60 to +80 C, the pipeline has high chemical resistance, it works without leaks, it is mobile in operation.

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