Flexible pipes for the oil producing company of the Republic of Cuba

Balticflex supplied the flexible pipeline system for the oil company of the Republic of Cuba.

Objective: increase oil recovery. It was necessary to supply water to steam generators, which are used in oil production

The field in Cuba has a high viscosity of oil, therefore, to increase production, superheated steam is used, which is fed directly into the reservoir under high pressure.

Production is carried out for several months, after which the equipment is relocated to a new location. Construction of a steel bypass line would entail serious financial costs. In addition, one should take into account the fact that it is rather difficult to reach an agreement with local governments, and in most cases it is almost impossible. Therefore, the Balticflex mobile system was recognized as the optimal solution for constructing a temporary pipeline

The Balticflex Mobile Pipeline System is an autonomous system based on a container that includes everything necessary for laying the pipeline equipment and fittings. The flexible pipelines are made by extrusion of polyurethane and are not subject to corrosion, which is an additional advantage of the complex for operation in conditions of high humidity and high salt content in the air.

It should be noted that the preparation of the complex and its delivery was made in the shortest time established by the customer, and took place within 25 days.

The total length of the flexible pipeline, DN = 100 mm, ru = 1.6 MPa, was about 3,500 m. A patented container-type tightening device was used for spooling, storage and transportation, which ensured a speed of laying up to 10 km / h.

Thus, the installation of the site with a length of more than 3 km was approximately one work shift (it is also necessary to add that the laying was complicated by the presence of 7 crossings under the road).

Mobile pipeline systems to this day works in the field of Boca de Horuka in conditions of severe UV exposure and continuous operation.

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