Application of Flexible pipes as a solution for draining the rock-coal massif

The company "Yakutugol" entered into a state contract for the supply of coal products to ensure the Northern delivery. In determining the sequence of deliveries, the climatic conditions and condition of the rivers are taken into account.

Objective: the use of the “Balticflex” mobile pipeline systems as a solution for draining the rock-coal massif.

Most often in the mining industry, a flexible pipeline is used as a soil pipeline, a water pipeline, a slurry pipeline, and also for solving drainage problems in mines, fields, and mines.

The goal for Yakutugol is to meet all contractual obligations within a specified time frame. To ensure the Northern delivery was purchased the necessary equipment. In the most difficult and hard-to-reach places, it was decided to use a new method of drying blocks with the best transport technology of coal mining using a flexible pipeline, which allows you to freely solve the necessary tasks due to the ease of installation and dismantling at the facility.

This method has saved time and the number of connected personnel.


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